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I love this song!!!
 Sooo, here's the vid for GD's Heartbreaker.
It's a Sing-a-Long and English Translation in 0nE~!!! ^__^

Sooomeeee TeasERs:

Hhi, here ya go:
Clickz for the viddy and some H0T GD~!! ^^Collapse )
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

Angels & Demons: I Just L000000vED IT~!!!!!!! =DDDD
Loove this song~!!!
They're all So Cuuute innit~!!!
Well, enjoy the sing-a-long of
Wondergirls' Nobody:


P.S.: I do requests too~!! ^^

Well, here ya go:
Sing-a-Long to Wondergirls' Nobody~!! ^^Collapse )
Well, under the cut's the Sing-a-Long to Wondergirl's Irony~!! ;-)

Here some pics:


P.S.: I do requests too~!! ^^

Sing-a-Long to Wondergirl's Irony~!! ;-)Collapse )

SINg-A-Long to JYP's New Group 2PM's New Song: 10 Points Out of 10~!!! ^^

OMfg~!! This PV is hot, these guys're H0T~
DAAAMN, JYP's the MAN, dude~!! >.<

Lol, well, anywys, here ya go with soome previews for 2PM's 10 Out of 10-Sing-a-Long:

Sing-a-Long to 2PM's 10 Out of 10~!!! ^^Collapse )
Looove this song (lolz, and the fact that Minho's in their PV HELPS~!! xDD).
Well, anyways, under the cut's a Sing-a-Long~ ^^


Sing-a-Long to SNSD's Gee~ ^^Collapse )
Well, under the cut's my self-made Sing-a-Long to BoA's Eat You Up (Damn, I Love That Song~!! xPP)


BoA's Eat You UpCollapse )
Well, under the cut's a sing-a-long to Wondergirl's So Hot~ ^^
Hope u enjoy~ ;-)



P.S.: I do requests too Sing-a-Long to Wondergirls' So H0t~!!!! =)Collapse )